Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located and what are your store hours?

What does it mean to mortise, in relation to hinges.

What is the difference between hollow core and solid core doors?

Can I use a storm door in front of my entry door?

What is the difference between a "Slab" and a "Pre-hung" door?

How do you determine the lever handing for your door set?

What is Living Finish on door hardware?

What is the difference between Brass and Brass plated?

Direct Vent Fireplaces - The Healthy Option

Unvented Fireplaces - A Bad Solution

I've heard that fireplace inserts are not safe and can damage the fireplace. Is that true?

Can I repair the mortar in my own fireplace? I've got some cracks I'd like to get rid of.

Can I improve air flow without opening a window?

My fireplace smokes constantly. How can I correct this problem?