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Residential Stone

residential Stone


Residential Stone

residential stone


Residential Stone

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Stone veneer: we have you covered...

Adding interior or exterior stone can add timeless style to your space. With different options for size, color, texture, and cut, you can achieve a classic appearance or a totally modern feel. Let Tandem work with you to find the natural stone or veneer option that works best with your style and budget. 

Stone Styles 

Ashlar stonework consists of worked stones that are roughly the same shape, size, and surface texture, creating a more uniform look.

Cut Cobblestone masonry involves taking stones of various sizes and colors and forming them into rectangular shapes that will be stacked in an asymmetrical design.

Fieldstone was inspired by natural field stones of various colors and sizes, rounded and smoothed by changing weather over the years.

Handsplit stones vary in shape, color, and texture, with edges being rounded and jagged to add an even more unique touch.

Laytite style resembles a stacked stone, with more a streamlined appearance. In most cases, Laytite stones are narrower with a smoother finish, and stacked tightly together.

The Ledge style is timeless. Modeled after stones that have been formed by millions of years of erosion, no two rocks appear the same. The jagged edges, varying sizes, and differing textures make for a more natural facade. These stones are stacked in an irregular pattern, so it truly does give a one-of-a-kind look.

Monarch stones have warm colors paired with sharp cuts, giving the style a bold balance.

Natural Stacked Stone panels add a sophisticated look to any surface. Stones are the same color, with cut and size varying slightly; paired with no visible grout, this style is streamlined and uniform.

Quartz is a mixture of styles similar to cobblestone and ledge. Naturally rigid edges coupled with a hand-crafted appearance make this style a timeless classic.

Ridgestone is a classic style that has rich colors, linear lines, and a hand-chiseled appearance, making it extremely versatile.

Stack-ease is a similar style to that of Stacked Stone and Laytite, but shows no mortar. Stones have similar textures, but sizes can vary. It’s also designed as a panelized installation system, making it an easier process for the DIY-er in your family.

The Sylon stone was crafted to resemble the style often used in Middle Eastern structures. The stones, while not all the same size, are larger than normal. Each of them also has a flat, smooth texture and chiseled edges. With the Sylon style, the application usually only involves one color of stone.